Accounting & Tax Services

Accounting is usually a time-consuming and often frustrating chore that distracts you and your staff from focusing on your customers and your services; Federated can lift that burden.


Our Team of Professionals includes:

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Our Division Managers oversee the day-to-day bookkeeping and tax planning function for their clients. Each of our members is assigned to a division to enable us to provide quality, efficient and personalized service for their funeral home.

Our Services Include:

Accounting & Reporting Services

  • Monthly Statement of Revenues and Expenses – outlining how your business is performing in both the current and prior year.
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations – reviewing expenditures and outlining any corrections or adjustments necessary, or matters requiring your attention.
  • Quarterly Statement of Financial Position – outlining the company’s financial health and identifying the balance between assets owned and amounts owed to vendors and banks, as well as the book value of the owner’s investment.
  • Quarterly Statement of Cash Flows – an analysis of where your cash came from, and how it was utilized by the business, all tied back to the balance in your bank accounts.

Tax Services

  • Tax Planning – our expert staff of CPA’s and EA’s receive continuous training on federal, state and local changes so that they can put that knowledge to work for you year round.
  • Tax Preparation - As necessary, Sales, Payroll and Income Tax Returns – periodically throughout the year we will put together the necessary information to complete the various returns required and assist you with handling the frequently required electronic payment methods.


Why Choose Federated?

Your goals, your objectives and your management requirements are unique. Because we work with a broad range of funeral homes on a daily basis, we are adept at determining and understanding your special needs as well as making recommendations to meet your reporting needs. Our bookkeeping and financial reporting services free you up to grow your business and achieve your goals by focusing on core operations. Our tax professionals offer continuous tax advice and planning to avoid any unpleasant surprises


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