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About Federated Fiducial:

Since 1925, Federated Fiducial has provided business services to those specializing in the funeral business. Almost 90 years of experience, directly in the funeral business, and over 2,000 funeral homes served afford Federated a position unmatched in the industry.


We are able to provide service to funeral homes and cemeteries across the 50 states. Our main office is located in Springfield, Illinois. Through our technology we offer clients the ability to electronically transfer their business data to our office. We offer on-site support through our Field Consultants.




Fabrice Moriaux is the Executive Director at Federated Fiducial and the Director – Field Operations for Federated’s parent company, Fiducial U.S. He took over the leadership of the company in 2013 and leads Federated with an emphasis on providing comprehensive services and enhanced technological systems.  Fabrice is a French CPA and member of the French Institute of CPA.  He brings with him over 20 years of experience in the international finance field.


About Fiducial:


Christian Latouche

Christian Latouche

Founder and Chairman of Fiducial

Fiducial has been providing business services to a variety of industries since 1970 and is still owned and managed as a family business. By bringing added value to our clients, the company has grown steadily to become the largest accounting firm in France and expanded its presence in the United States in 1999. The company’s focus has always been working with small business owners to help them grow and be profitable.

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